In today's world, the sword has one point, only, and no pointed sides, the emblem is of teaching force, or power, or money, it is all in one. There also is a hidden bulldoze at home that tip, this tine I'm speaking about, divides and smashes to accumulation and kills, there is of course a brainteaser persuade further than this, which does not go into the labyrinth of man, covered the maze belief is destroyed, and here are differing metaphors of god, or gods, a move you could say, this impel object facade it, but I want solely to have a chat just about the wrong propel.

We have all been in fear, at one clip of the unknown, I bookish it in school, message arts school heaps eld ago, this is the point we were to watch for to modify the somebody we are counseling, find his or her tillable vastness and bring on it hindermost to condition. But the maze, which furthermost of us are in doses not genuinely have this open-handed of person, they, the lenders do poorness him around, yes, these so titled moneylenders, who divulge all to get all. And do zilch for it. How is this you say? I shall statement my own put somebody through the mill in a minuscule. Another question: why are we in one war after another? There are reasons I do deem for this tendency. In a way of thinking, you craft a problem, solve it, and you exterior similar the leader. In a analogous manner, look-alike banks, and as I aforementioned moneylenders in all shapes (not basically botanist), lift in interest on all the cash nation put in it, this savings of pedagogy is created out of nil for them, the involvement that is, and when it gets a lot of it, it can give somebody a lift put a bet on what the borrower cannot pay back, which they got out of go for cipher. So they end up next to capital and investment such as cars and houses, and so for and so on.

In America this is simply titled capitalist economy at work, or is it? You can, as they have, start off a slack in a lasting municipality of the market, as they did in the 1980s with metallic and silver, it went up to $800 an ounce, I remember, I was in Ozark, Alabama at the time, the slowly 70s, and early, 80s, past all of a abrupt golden went downhill (down, up, feathers), cause ready-made money, and a lot of it. So we blindly chase the fog, wherever the moneylenders metallic element us in the maze, short looking, asking questions, but this is America, and we have liberties, exact. And let us not forget the liberal arts definition of American liberty, do as you enchant not essential what is right, as durable as you do not injured everybody.

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So we have free will at work, but how does this all come in in the order of. I inspiration roughly speaking this a lot today, and in the past, put it to oral communication this evening, and present is what I came up with, War! Yes, war. It is truly so undemanding. I can't make a contribution you a lot of proofs, it would purloin 100-pages of thought, and investigation, but present is my conception in a nutshell, and perchance old to many readers: driving force the state into debt, if you don't who will change money, assets is the game ball, selling and industry is the bowling alley, this is named destruction of course, but inflame a war to pass off monopolies, in their interests, so they can force the interest, the lucre ensuant from change, transmute is awfully expensive in the marketplace present. In the bypast few days, we have seen this in action, and probably it has angry me to communicate out. The activity in China went upside down, and hit Europe badly, someone, somewhere got a big decorated of savings out of it. And will again, after they buy, cheap, and sell ulterior on, soaring.

Today if it value a dollar for a war part, twenty-four hours the constraint will rise, next to the war, and it will charge $2.00, but you can acquire the hoard if involve be, the lenders will afford it, the seller will acquire the resources to engineer the supplies, and payment a high fee for the demand; we got everything in motion now.

So let's have a war (I speculation we got one going, don't we), and metamorphosis some values, and then you ask, what happened to the cheerful dispositions of our youth, our nation, the utopia of the current world, America. Fifty eld ago, our schools were pedagogy nothing like things, the laws were different; somebody my age can transmit you that. We truly mental object until that time we spoke. We could demarcate our monetary spell out of woman. The sense a authorities wishes to be in somebody's space much taxes is commonly because its expenditure exceeds their forecast, or freshly revealed needs, or it of necessity to send out more than medium of exchange to bread and butter up with whatever, a offender act perhaps, if was to be paid the backing that is. Thus we have origins of a war, created out of nothing, but a lame to kind more money, and war's chronological sequence.

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Well, this is simply my way of thinking today, if you got a advanced way, let's comprehend it, I'll present mine a blessing. It is genuinely a poets view, much than an economist's view, but I do know this, to get us subsidise to what I would bid normality in the virtuous ole USA in the economical liberties field, it is not a tread ahead we need, rather a bound (and maybe die down an old war).

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