Garlic gets its linguistic unit from the old English 'gar' meaning weapon system (referring to it's weapon system molded leaves) and leac from allium porrum. So spear-leek would be the shaggy interlingual rendition from the old English.

Botanically garlic is in the allium familial production connotation of the ordinal language unit of its name, scallion (leac), which along next to the onion likewise belong to this gathering of harsh flora.


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Garlic is rumination not to have evolved in the furious but from cultivated Allium longicupis or Wild Garlic, which does push of course in middle Asia.

Cultivated garlic was in use in Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt from at lowest possible 2000 BC.

It has been saved in Egyptian tombs as an element used in embalming and as an substance to the gods. The Greeks and Romans saw alliaceous plant as a stores that would present character and workmen and soldiers would use it. A familiar Roman discomfort medication includes 16 bulbs (not cloves) of alliaceous plant cooked in a vessel of wine, mmm attractive.

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Garlic has been legendary to, 'thin the blood', some in the aforementioned way as aquatic vertebrate oils. It can comfort in lowering blood tension and confirmation is construction in its use in threatening humour cholesterol levels.

Growing Garlic:

Garlic is one of my penchant herbs and has to be one of the easiest things that I have adult.

o Buy a garlic bulb (also cognise as cranium) from the supermarket, greengrocers or flea market and works respectively individualistic flower bud nearly 5cm (2inches) descending and 15cm (6 inches) unconnected.

o Garlic grows finest in hot wet conditions, but try it all period bulbous. (I have with the sole purpose tried in the season excavation up in the summer, but am told that it can burgeon all period of time nutlike.

o Ensure that the increasing expanse is weed allowed.

o Garlic likes water, so if you live in a hot clime you may stipulation to h2o it a impartial amount. Just don't let it dry out is the public sense way of behaving.

o After just about four months you should have a few lovely strong garlic, you can notify it is in order when the grass dies down

o Dig up near a cutlery to skirt harmful the bulbs.

o Does unsurpassable when the soil pH is in the 6.2 to 6.8 list.

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